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"The trading room has been a breath of fresh air. For nearly 20 years, I was fumbling around looking for the best indicator, the best rule-based system, and the secret sauce, and it never worked. I stumbled over NOBS Traded on Twitter and liked the no-nonsense approach they had. After being in the NOBS Trades room for less than a month, I have become more consistently profitable in my day-trading than I ever have. Matt and crew have really uncovered what it takes to be a successful trader. The lessons learned in the room have allowed me to refocus my efforts on what it takes to be a winning trader. It's not an indicator, not a system, not a 90% win rate; It's ME! It's your brain that keeps you from winning consistently, and it's your brain that needs the work! Do yourself a favor and come get the keys to the kingdom! Best $$ I've spent in a long time! Thanks, Matt!!"


"Trading will be the most difficult endeavor you will ever embark on. It is a multifaceted activity with only an 8% success rate and for good reason. Modern retail trading platforms allow the small fish to swim in the same pond as the whales and sharks. Most retail traders don't realize that they will simply be donating their money to these big fish, whether they like it or not, so the question is, how much pain do you need to feel before you either treat this like a race to survive or you give up because you can not take the pain of losing more money? The road to becoming a consistently profitable trader is more than just learning charts and patterns; it is about holding up a mirror to your own attitude and discipline. I know this as I ate that humble pie myself. You will learn how to read the market in Matt's room, but Matt's room is unique in a few very important ways. You pay ok once and have a lifetime membership. This is important because if you are screwing up, Matt and sometimes Mike will take you to task; they will not make any more or less money by being honest with you and if you don't know by now that the best advice you will ever get is for Free, well... My last comment is these guys give a shit; they really do; they do not pretend; it's real; there is something beautiful about honesty; it is rare and sets you free to be the best you can be. "

Roland Chandler

"I've been in the trading room to understand what said of the market to be on. I also have learned to have stops and hold to them. My current stops are $100 a day and that allows me to make a profit of $400 a day and I stop there so I don't over trade. With only $100 stops a few stops aren't a problem cause they are made up during the day. Before I entered this room I would lose $1,000+ on stops. Matt and crew have been awesome and they enforce you sticking to the plan everyday and reminding you what the plan is and what it isn't. "


"Joining Matt‘s room (NOBS Trades) and learning the techniques that he teaches was a revelation, to say the least. After dabbling in trading futures for over 18 years and wasting 10’s of thousands of dollars on software and training, I can truly say that finally, I have learned to trade correctly and be consistently profitable. It truly is no BS. These guys tell you the truth! I can honestly say for the first time in my life I can make money trading for a living."


"The most important part for me was being comfortable with many small losers, followed by a big winner. Before this, I got pissed with every loser and revenge traded, which was a disaster. Matt is a great coach as are some others in the room particularly Mike."


"Within nine months, I was profitable overall. I am learning from Matt after four years of trading Futures without any progress by myself or YouTube. The room is a great benefit and the only way for any trader to get the education needed to build a successful trading career. It is not the indicators or trading strategy that is important. It's the psychology and personal coaching that makes a huge difference. Matt walked me through every step of the journey with daily personal coaching that no money can buy. "


"Before I joined the NOBS room and enrolled in the apprenticeship program, my trading was all over the place. For years, I had been told that consistent daily profits were impossible, so I was amazed to discover that this just was not true thanks to Matt, Mike, Brian, and the program. Now, I am transforming into a patient, disciplined, and rules-based trader to the point that I barely recognize the person I was at the beginning of the apprenticeship program. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a trader! "

Brian K.

"I just started in this room and have been here about 2 weeks now... It's been amazing. I don't have any experience in day trading so I just been following what Matt/Mike/DocBrian/Pat are saying, and it's been really helpful! Excited to keep going and see what the future holds. "


"Matt Just a quick note to let you know I went live 2-13-23. following the 8 and using some levels similar to Waynes. It took 14 months of being in the room for me to reprogram my thought patterns. Still a ways to go Thanks to you Mike Brian and Ronnie for Helping me turn 10 years of nothing but losing toward the right direction . Here are last five weeks results live only. Again thanks for the help!"


"Matt and the other top traders are hands down the real deal. There are no padding numbers or only showing winners with this group. It is truly a NOBS chatroom with the most incredible community of fellow traders I have ever been a part of. If you want to become a profitable trader and have skin thick enough to hear the truth about your trading, then stop right there, join Matt and the NOBS Trading Room to get the results you are looking for finally... I did, and it's life-changing! NOBS Mastermind Trading Room"


"Matt is very straight forward in his teaching. He teaches one thing and one thing only, patience, as I learned from my childhood, Patience is the Key to Success. Though I forget about it when trading which Matt emphasis on daily basis."


"The Biggest thing I've Learned Is the importance of being patient and waiting for setups to happen , and back testing my setup to gain confidence . as well as logical steps to move forward in my trading business ."


"I have been a member of this room for 2 years. I have watched and learned from some amazing traders. I see a number of people consistently day in and day out make $1k - $15k. One of the best investments in my trading."


"I am only part-time in the room due to a second job. BUT if you really want to learn how to trade without all the fancy bullshit indicators everyone wants to sell you give NOBS a try. Matt and a few others in the room contribute every day to your success. Since joining I have cleared out all indicators off my charts except for a couple of moving averages recommended in the room and have been improving my trading and am much more consistent reading the price bars. Matt and the others are very consistent with the method they use so one can focus and learn one method at a time to improve and keep your head straight."

Mike R

"I've been trading futures for 4 years now with up and down success, in that time I've been in and out of many chatrooms and have had many mentors and my trading has done a full 360 since I joined Matt Bowen and NOBS Trades (as I've said many times "I've been in the wrong rooms"). The NOBS chatroom community is a fully open mic room, and in all the rooms I've been part of over the years, I have never had the opportunity to freely and openly be able to speak live in real time during trading hours to the mentor or fellow room members. Wow what an incredible tool for any trader, to be able to ask questions to not only Matt but each and every member in the chatroom is unheard of, and what a golden gem it is to have a room like this. Matt and NOBS has really helped me over come some of the trading issues I've been dealing with and fighting for sometime now. Thank you Matt & NOBS Trades for all you give everyday!"


"Quite simply, I would not be where I am in my trading career without the headstart that I gained by being a member of Matt's room. I actually resisted joining for a while. But after repeatedly blowing out accounts, I accepted that I needed help if I was going to ever figure this shit out. From observing how the guys traded in the room, I developed my own style of trading, with a money management strategy suitable for my risk tolerance. Everybody is different, and I do not believe a once size fits all approach works for everyone. Trying different things and figuring out what's going to work for the individual is something that I actively encourage. I attribute this approach to helping get me to consistent profitability. I'm most grateful for what I've learned from my mentors. To this day, I still use many of the setups that I first learned in the room."


"I have been to the room a few times. I have always found valued in every session I have been in. I know Matt, you can be harsh, but that’s the only way some people can/will wake up. I know at the end of the day, we are responsible for our own trades. Keep up the good work Matt. We do appreciate your generosity with your time. "


"Not only do I learn techniques and ideas shared from generous members (I wish I could do more for day trading) but also the experiences especially emotional or psychological part for me. This is a very unique room unlike others which members just listen or with minimal interactions thru the Zoom chat only. The emphasis on testing or practice can never be stated enough. Even top ranked tennis players still practice and test. "


"I learned from local educators and traded forex for sometime, and most coaches were based from static charts. I couldn't make anything out from the market. Being attracted from the discussion about Delta in a community, I began my google search and found this room in Nov 2020. I know nothing about Futures Trading, simply a newbie began my journey on Dec 2020. It was fortunate for few of us to receive very closed coaching from a few experienced traders besides Matt. The unique ways of this room - live viewing the market/chart, Q&A, sharing of charts for comments, friendly supports & encouragements among traders, etc, I pick up things mostly from the repeating/untired sharing from Matt and Others. The Apprenticeship program gives me a very solid foundation and it helps to develop further with the support from few NOBS buddies. This is a room for serious seekers not for entertainers in Trading, and I am very lucky to be a member here. Heng, Singapore"

Heng, Singapore

"The Mastermind Trading Room has been an invaluable tool for improving my trading. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the apprentice program to build a firm base, share charts with the room so that Matt (or anyone) can critique and offer advice to improve one’s trading. If you want to learn, you need to do the work and actively participate in dialogue with the room. This builds massive confidence in your trading and in yourself. The bonus is that there are many successful traders in the room to learn from so you can gain invaluable knowledge to refine a trading and thought process that works for you. The ability for all members to speak to each other as opposed to typing in a chat box truly separates this room from the rest. Trading is hard, it takes time, and Matt is not going to waste anyone’s time sugar coating anything. He’s going to be honest, upfront and tell it like it is. This is where his passion to teach you to trade for yourself shows through and separates him from the rest. This is hands down the best trading room I’ve ever been in. I am eternally grateful for the experience and knowledge I’ve gained. Truly eye opening. "


"The NOBS training room has been the best trading decision I could have made. I always believed my inconsistency was due to needing to find a better set up. However what Matt taught me was the issue wasn’t with my set ups but rather the issue was me and understanding expectations. Additionally, the NOBS training room taught me how to test my setups to better understand expectations. The NOBS training room is like no other in the industry."


"After 4 years of trading ES Future, I can't make any money from the market. In 2020 December, I accidentally ran into the NOBS Future trading room. Matt gave me two days to visit the room as a guest. I was hooked in just a few hours. Now after a year, I am consistently making money at MNQ future close to every week if not every day. It turned out my way of trading the Future in 4 years was totally on the wrong path, with wrong expectations, wasting time, and wasting money buying indicators. Matt and others literally showed me the path to get out of my trading "desert". I am eternally grateful to pick out such a skill in a short time a year in the room. This is a mastermind room, not like any other trading room. The group dynamic is off the chart, we are all touched, move, and inspired to be better in our trading craft. Not just pick up a great skill, but have fun doing it."


"I have been in Matt's room for a couple of years now and will never leave the room. I have been in other room's in the past that can't compare to the level of transparency by Matt and the other trader's in the room. Everyday Matt narrates the market and has great insight to the markets after he is done trading. This consistency (Matt's) has not changed the whole time in the room, although the markets have had great changes to structure and volatility. His ability to "read the bars" is unparalleled. There are many great traders that Matt has trained over the years in the room to bounce ideas around. Matt trains you to trade in your own manner that suits your personality, not create clones of himself. I highly recommend the room but prepared to leave your baggage at the door. Matt has great patience but will give you constructive criticism that you don't always want to hear on how to improve. It's called No BS Trades for a reason!"


"I've been in several trading rooms over the last 3 decades, and the NOBS Trading Room stands head and shoulders above them all. If you want to learn to be a successful trader, there is no better place to be. It is a collaboration of men and women from all over the planet, with widely varying backgrounds and skill levels, all gathered for one purpose: to learn to be the best traders we can be. We are encouraged to participate, to show our work, and to trade in playback mode and SIM until we gain an expectation of winning, with results to match. Only then do we move on to a real funded account. While participating in this process, we are encouraged and critiqued both by each other and more seasoned traders, folks who freely share their expertise and experience. And throughout all this activity, there's Matt, patiently and repeatedly imparting his wisdom and experience, using his gifts as both an accomplished trader and a talented coach, to bring us all along and help us progress. For me, this has been a unique educational and practical experience. While I'm not yet where I want to be, I trade better now than I ever have. I've learned a repeatable formula for successful trading, and now all I have to do is practice it more, using the patience and discipline I've been encouraged and guided to develop while in this room. I know how to be a good trader now, and I'm on the path to becoming a great one. I highly recommend this room."


"Learn not to just click the mouse I don’t have to be in every trade Leaning to practice on market replay Learning to follow the 8 and not to miss the big move Learning not every trade will work Learning to go for a target or a dollar amount and stop, get out. Probably lots more "


"NOBS trading room has a unique feature - questions are almost always answered. For me, that is a big plus. Fellow traders' comments on my trades have helped me gain insights into understanding the structure better. Thanks to Matt and the Gang!! "


"Hey Matt: I wanted to give you an update on my trading progress. I’m not extremely active in the room. I trade with wider stops and I use TPO profiles for structure so I try not to confuse anyone. But you have added a missing ingredient for me. Since the beginning of April, I have taken what was left in a blown account from $230 to $1,100. I could just add more money and size, but I want to earn it back I that makes sense. Once again, thanks for all the energy you contribute to helping others. Grateful to be part of the room even if I’m often silent."


"Hello Matt, I first want to thank you for creating what I have to say is the best trading community I’ve ever been part of, as I have said several times, “I’ve been in the wrong rooms”. The ability for follow traders to freely speak on an open mic at anytime is just incredible. What you yourself, Wayne, Brian, Mike, and a few others bring to the table is just amazing. Yesterdays session (which I have the recoding of) when you and Mike were finished it was like the sledge hammer smacked me upside the head, and for that Gob bless you both!! I really am committed to getting trading down and becoming successful as a trader and I’m ready to follow the advise from people who know what the hell they talking about. I’ve mentioned to you before that I was paralyzed racing motocross and if there is one thing that I have learned through all of it is that being focused, being determination, and being discipline will reward you with anything you put your mind too. I’d like to ask if you have time for a call if your schedule permits, as I would like to share where I’ve been, where I’m at, and what my goals are, and maybe get some advise for once that is honest and to the point on where I should focus my energy as a trader and as a person so I can stop chasing my fucking tail around and start the correct learning curve once and for all. Thank you again for your time both in and out of the room and I look forward to talking with you."


"Matt - thank you so much for developing the new delta tool. I took the BUY signal at 09:30 (lost money). Then I saw it print a SELL signal at 09:30:53 and I got that. Cleared up my hole and I made $500 off that. Really like how visual this is and how it does all the maths on the swings for me.


"The Nobs Nut Cracker is AMAZING! I went to buy it twice for both computers before I realized that it included 2 machine IDs. The Nobs folks were happy enough to issue me a refund and enable my second PC. You HAVE to have a goal. How many times have you made plenty of money to give it all back later in the afternoon? This was all I needed. I think if you take a good hard look at your numbers, and you tend to make more at one time of day, by all means, AVOID the other times and get this indicator to keep you focused on your daily profit goal. This thing is the cure for greed. "


"Impresive indicators, they give you real actionable data and insights, so I couldt trade without them."


"I have just started using the Nut Cracker. This is an extremely helpful tool that eliminates the need to recalculate the remaining ticks to achieve your nut after each trade. Having to re-calculate the remaining ticks in the heat of the moment has in the past resulted in errors by me where the target price would be reached, only to realize I was still short a couple of ticks! No more! Thanks!"


"I love the NOBS indicators! Trading is hard enough so anything that takes the stress off of me manually having to add things like levels, vwap, moving avgs to my chart is a blessing. The Big Picture indicators let me quickly assess any market or multiple markets and know where price is in relation to the highest opportunity segments of the market. The patterns indicator alerts me of tweezer tops , pin bars and engulfing bars all areas I want to identify for reactions when I am trading. The new Trade Support package has had an immediate impact on my daily bottom line with the Nutcracker, an indicator designed to get me out of a trade at a specific money goal per day and protect me from myself and keep me from over-trading. Its not how much money you make during the day , its what you bank at the end of the day that counts and the Nutcracker is like gold! Indicator package support is top notch and improvements and new indicator support tools have been added if they add value or make the trading day easier. Thank you NOBS for a great set of tools! "


"I have been using the Nobs tools for over a year now. The Big Picture indicator has improved my trading 10 fold at least. Furthermore the indicator runs smoothly and doesn't use a lot of computer resources compared to other indicators I have used in the past. I am very excited with the latest Nobs Tools Nut cracker indicator, as it calculates my target with ease and I can clearly see where my target is when I enter a trade. As an added bonus, the indicator shows me how poorly I have been trading as I can see my target (NUT) further away each time I take a loss, which in turn I have to calm down and walk away for a bit. I recommend Nobs Tools indicators without any reservation. I can't wait to see what they develop next.. Graham"


"I use the Nut Cracker the most, I am in the apprentice training,in the Nobs Trading Program,the Nut Cracker does the math for you , and in a fast moving market that is crucial, all the indicators are really good but use the Nut Cracker the most. "


"The NUT concept I've learned from NOBS trades room with Matt is one of the most important things to trader mindset, the NUT cracker tool is exactly what you need to avoid greed and increase efficiency of execution, as it does auto calculate your target for the day, letting you to focus on the price action during your trading session, amazing tool, highly recommended. "


"I’ve always found it difficult to stick to my nut with a lack of discipline, impatience and greed, taking losing trades and then trying to regain those loses through revenge trading have seen me blow out a previous account. I have been using the Nut Cracker for a few weeks and in that time I have hit my nut each and every time. It has helped me to be disciplined and stop trading when the nut has been reached. Being able to set a sensible nut and visually see when I have reached my actual nut has been invaluable and means I'm now making money instead of losing it."


"The tools supplement the knowledge in the trading room. The key benefit to me is to remind me when I shouldn't be entering a trade as whilst I start the day with good intentions - I find that my default behavior is to enter the trade first, think second."