This is now available for Sierra Charts. Please click here for more information.

The Nut Cracker is a trading tool which helps traders manage their exits. This automatically calculates your commissions, along with any drawdown, and shows you where your target needs to be for you to get your Nut. This indicator is helpful to those who struggle with greed and let profitable trades turned into losing trades. If you're new to the Nut concept, click here to learn more.

“Anybody can get into a trade, it's where you EXIT exit that makes you profitable”


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  • Automatically calculates ticks required to get your Nut
  • Calculates your drawdown
  • Calculates your commission
  • Shows live PnL after commissions
  • Fully configurable


  • Ready to use out of the box for Ninja Trader 8
  • Works with free Ninja Trader (lifetime licence not required)

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